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        We focus on the wholesale of online shoes, here directly docking factory, there is a source of goods, ultra-base prices, the latest styles to sell shoes to find quality resources, please see Hui Teng wholesale network.


       Our main business includes: boots wholesale, inventory cleaning, investment and joining monopoly, shoe store planning and design marketing planning and operation.


       Our main products - inventory shoes, clearance shoes, tail shoes, fine imitation shoes. Global orders. Our shoes only control one bottom line, the quality is good and the price is good, so that customers can make money and it is OK. Nothing else. You are welcome to visit the order.


We adhere to the core values of “creating value for our partners” and take “integrity, tolerance, innovation and service” as the enterprise spirit, and create value for the shoe trade wholesale and footwear service industry through independent innovation and sincere cooperation.


 About "Hui Teng products and services"

Huiteng Shoes Trade integrates more than 160 shoe factories resources, selects thousands of trend styles, professionally cleans the stock shoes, tail shoes, clearance shoes, etc. of various manufacturers, and the styles are good in quality and cheap. Suitable for physical store online store sales, you don't have to run around here, there are all kinds of sports shoes running shoes sneakers canvas shoes

 About "Integrity, Tolerance, Innovation, Service"

The core tenet of Huiteng Service is to “make customers make money”. We only adhere to an iron law, which is to let customers make money and make customers profitable. Only service is the foundation of creating value.

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